Fun at the Asylum

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{Avi List}

Top-[SYN] Helena top w/o wings

Bottoms- *CK* Cargo Pants

Shoes- *CK* Never ever boots

Skin- 7 Deadly S{k}ins- Faith ( Apricot)

Hair- Little bone- Wasted group gift


**Dirty Princess**, 7 Deadly S{k}ins, Slink

So in my travels I came across this really cute body suit that works with the slink high feet.. It is from **Dirty Princess** and called Jersey Housewife Princess.. Comes with a color hud, in shiney ¬†black, red and black, and black lace (oooooooooo)… Personally I love it.. Definintly a head turning no matter where you go ( I tested that theory) As always complete list of what is on my avatar below

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Hair- Magika-Meadow ( reds)

Skin- 7 Deadly S{k}Ins  Faith (Apricot)

Mesh Avatar Enhancements- Slink physique, Slink High Feet, Slink Casual Hands

Formal Friday Part 2- Gown

Part 2 of my Formal Fridays segment. GOWNS!!!!!.. Now I don’t know about you but I just ADORE Formal gowns.. .. Today I will be covering one of my personal favorites.. ¬†MAAI Midnight Fun Gown.. ¬†Beautifully designed and includes appliers for Slink, TMP ( The Mesh Project) and Omega Appliers… This stunning mermaid style gown comes with arm puffs as an option.. Shown below without.. You can find this and other lovely dresses here -

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Skin- 7 Deadly S{k}ins  РFaith (Apricot)

Hair- Magika- Meadow ( Reds)

Makeup-  -Damned- cat eyes

Jewelry-BODYWEAR JEWELRY Valerie Diamond Necklace set ( necklace and earrings)

Headpiece- [MUSE] Moor’s Guardian Red and Onyx quartz

Dress- MAAI Midnight Fun Gown

Shoes (Not shown)- S&C Von Teese heels

Avatar mesh enhancements- Slink casual hands, Slink High Feet, Slink Physique mesh body

Formal Friday Segment Part 1- Skins

Oh yes Ladies ( and Gents) Time for my weekly Formal wear Segment!!!!! One of my favorite things in the fashion world Formal wear.. So today is all about getting that formal look!!!.. .. So Without further adu- Formal Friday Begins!!

Starting off this segment, 7 Deadly S{k}ins- Aitya ( Rare) Apricot, I absolutly LOVE this skin., !!

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7 Deadly S{k}ins- Iris- Taupe- Another of my favorites from 7DS.. I have yet to come across a skin of theirs I did not like


You can find these skins and so many others at the 7 Deadly S{k}ins Mainstore located here–


Hair-Truth Hair- Devinna- Black & Whites

Jewelry- Lazuri Dolcestella Valentines SE Necklace, Earrings, and Rings ( group gift)

Makeup-  -Damned- Cat eyes

Shoes(not shown)- S&C von Teese Heels – Black ( for Slink high feet)

Dress-  Apple May Designs- Eve Gown- Peridot

Avatar mesh body enhancements- Slink Physique ( Body) ,Slink Casual Hands, Slink High Feet

Sentinus Designs

Now I am sure by now you all know that I am an avid shopper.. It is what I do, What I enjoy, and Why I created this blog, and in my time here I have found so many great stores and creators that it is hard to fit them all in.. Anyway. today I am bringing you Sentinus Designs, Fabulous and beautiful outfits for everyday or that special day…

Shown below is Sentinus Design’s Barbara outfit.. It is mesh, comes with top, pants ( both in standard 5 sizes) and shoes for the Slink high feet..

You can find this and many more stunning outfits here

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{Avi List}

Hair– “LoQ Hair” – chocolate

MakeupР -Damned- Cat Eyes

**SkinР7 Deadly S{k}ins  Faith (Apricot)**

AVATAR MESH ENHANCEMENT– Slink Casual Hands, Slink High feet, Slink Physique Mesh body

Great Fashions from around Secondlife

On my quest for finding new things here in Secondlife, I ran across an old fan favorite.. well actually two.. Etchaflesh and L&B.. .. Today I am sporting Etchaflesh’s Pixie Jeans ( with belt and color hud) and L&B’s Death Royal beaded Halter.. ¬†You can find these items at the SURL or marketplace link below.

[Avi Item list below]

Skin — 7 Deadly s{K}ins- Faith Apricot ¬† ¬†( SURL-¬†–¬†

makeup-  -DAMNED- Cateyes Makeup (W/o HB)

Hair- *EMO-tions* Jona ( Browns) *Promo*   (

Eyes- ¬†.:SB:. Stephanie’s eyes ( green)

Top- L&B Death Royal Beaded Halter  ( )

Bottoms- Etchaflesh Lyanna Pixie jeans and belt  ( )

Shoes- Etchaflesh Distopia Irisa warmer boots  (

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